CFP AAIS Session: Diaries, Notebooks, and Journals

Diaries, Notebooks, and Journals in the Italian Literary Landscape

While studies often concentrate on the development of the novel or on the importance of literary journals in Italy, the role of diaries, notebooks, and personal journals is less discussed. From the recently fully translated Zibaldone to Il mestiere di vivere diaries, notebooks, and journals play a prominent and significant role in the Italian literary landscape. This session welcomes investigations of individual notebooks or diaries from any time period, examinations of the notebook as form or genre, analyses of fictional diaries or notebooks, treatments of the reception of Italian journals, and discussions of fragmentation, aphorisms, or stories, as they relate to the notebook.

Please send an abstract of 150-300 words (in English or Italian) and a brief bio to Saskia Ziolkowski ( by December 31st.

2015 Conference of the American Association of Italian Studies, March 26-29, 2015, Boulder, Colorado

diaries, notebooks, and journals

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